Friday, November 10, 2017

Is Islam and Sharia really superior to our Constitutional principle of Inalienable Rights?

This is a response to an excrpt in this article quesioning wether European Culture is begining to succomb to Islam: See link below my comments.

In the Old Testament they also openly practiced slavery like the muslims do today.

During the pre-Christian era Pagans also sacrificed humans to their false gods. All conquered people were considered slaves with no rights of a citizen. With your fuzzy liberal logic it would mean that we should revert to primitive barbaric neanderthal practices like Polygamy, human sacrifice Female Genital mutilation, beheading, stoning, death to all gays and a host of primitive practices.

Is that what you are proposing?

Over the years since Abraham two things took place that you may have missed: First, Jesus Christ returned to fulfill the Scriptures and provide mankind with God's forgiveness and Love. Second, freedom loving people over the centuries followed His creed and created human rights laws to protect us from these "Darwinian Survival of the fittest atrocities ".

IN our lifetime, the US is the foremost bastion on earth of those human rights. I have to admit at this point in our history these freedoms are being strained by evil powers like some of our own people, and fools falling in with the seductive charms of islam, which is the antipathy of these inalienable rights to freedom.

These basic ideals upon which America was founded are being trampled on by a string of politicians and judges who believe their personal preferences are above the law. They are not.

However, since this time last year American is now headed in a more positive direction in preserving our fundamental heritage and in rebuffing previous political calls to make "fundamental" changes to our history, morality and beliefs. You are welcome to come on board or to sit in the dust on the sidelines and watch US values be revived once more.

Swedes fall prey to seductive siren of Polygamy