Sunday, November 4, 2018

A Case against Globalist and Globalist leaders from any Nation

Can anyone show where the UN has kept peace? Greed and world domination is their highest objective. The unleashing of millions of Muhammadans thrust into an unprepared Western Europe has caused more terror and rape, murder and destruction than any NAZI invasion. It is a war without the overt destruction of buildings, but with the same destructive power over the unsuspecting cultures of Europe and the entire West. The only thing the UN has done is to try to overpower the West by this insidious invasion intent on diluting the indigenous ethnic populations of the West. It is a credit to the US that we rejected Bush and his Global plans to conquer the world and make us slaves to his UN Globalism. He, and his son and Obama have no loyalty to God and Country they are traitors who only want power and control. They hate Nationalists because they can't dominate them. Thank God the US elected President Trump who will not be corrupted by grandiose plans for economic domination and subservience to the faceless bureaucrats and oligarchs who run the UN. He wisely placed Nikki Haley there to get that message out.. By doing so, he has held off the UN Global Beasts for another 75 or more years.. Perhaps indefinitely since the EU is starting to wise up to the UN plans to dominate them and destroy all Western Culture.