Wednesday, July 25, 2018

US Republic Must be built on Local Community Values

Have a hot cup of coffee and read a reasoned look at what's happening in DC.
It's all a political sham meant to entertain the population. We could equate it to ancient Romans holding Gladiator games while the masses watch, and then give a thumbs up or Down to their selected victor.
We have a Republic that has many flaws, and our real concern should be whether or not outside influences can directly or indirectly shake its foundations. Throughout our history it is local politics that are more influential on our National direction.

I'll let you decide who you see in these two circles of influence.

At any rate, it does not do us much good to take to the streets and shout each other down.  It is more productive watching the struggle, and making up our own minds through the existing political process of voting, keeping informed, and expressing our views to those who we send to represent us, and our particular interests.
We must do that on all levels, even down to the local school board, city council, district, Parrish, judgeship's, and criminal law enforcement representatives we put our trust in.  Those people must be thoroughly vetted by us to insure they are representing our moral, ethical and community values.

I many towns and small burbs across America, people are not LOCALLY focused. They are distracted by the National agenda while their townships and municipalities are being taken over by those who understand the strength of America lies in Local governance; not just National political agendas. To that end, many will become aware that they have lost control of their local community, and thus ownership of the Republic.  It really can change overnight.  Citizenship is a matter of constant vigilance.
One other thing, it is simpler and more rewarding to help in the community you live in rather than in DC, because your personal local influence is more rewarding and more visible than what is happening in the global community.