Wednesday, April 18, 2018

President Trump Redefines Presidential Leadership

President Trump is busy fixing a lot of problems that benefit the US. That's what he does. The media and his Detractors in the Deep State just hate the fact they could not figure out how to do the same.
Mostly there is great envy against this President. He is showing them up for their incompetence in doing anything well. They hate him because they ain't him.
Daily his success makes them look ever so foolish since they predicted he could not lead a great nation because they said he had no political experience. Their ego made them believe that they were actually doin a great job leading this nation. In just 18 months President Trump made it clear to America and the world that we were being led by weak incompetent fools for nearly 30 years.
In fact, his lack of "Political Experience" is his greatest asset. Perhaps America has been fooled into thinking that we needed "political Experience" which generally means a person who has no common sense, and one who does not know how things work successfully.

They have puffed themselves with the belief that all matters needed to be handled with great "Diplomacy". President Trump has thrown all that out the window. They know that the public sees they were wrong, and that they may be thrown out with all of their failed and costly actions and foolish misconceptions.
America is finally waking up to the fact that what we really needed was a good businessman with common sense instincts to fix their stupidity. Now they are left in the wake of a President who they one time questioned if he could be Presidential, The major irony is that he is now defining Presidential, and they can only sit on the sidelines and complain. It's a whole new world to which they will never be able to adapt.

They were shocked to find that President Trump ia way ahead of them on the North Korean issue. Unlike them, he has already been laying the ground work for a successful negotiation that make them look ever so stupid. Yet their only response is to come up with negative comments about him sending Mike Pompeo as his advance man to lay some key ground work with the leadership there.

If they had any real successful experience in doing deals or having to make a living using your assets and keen thinking to solve problems. America is finding out that their old school politicians are failures because they have no serious incentive to be successful. A businessman whose next deal means his next meal must perform well all the time.

Politicians can and do screw up all the time, miss dead lines, have failure after failure, and they still have a job and a big fat salary paid for by the people who keep electing them. President Trump is not a politician [ thank God ] . He knows that success is based on good deals ans solid success that must be achieved daily.
That is a paradigm that no politician will ever understand.

How America ever elected a personal failure and uneducated person like Obama is beyond my understanding. Here was s person who never had a job; never ran a business; never was successful at anything other than shifty non productive politics. The results : A 19 trillion deficit; failed military; failed economy; failed world leadership and respect. In short Obama was a colossal failure. Sure some people got free cell phones and a lots of welfare and free food. The rest of America got shafted and almost saw their nation turned into a third world country.

The achievements of President Trump will overshadow the very thought of obama in the same position. President Trump will have a Triple Crown Win with the fantastic deal how will make in Asia.

1. He will have ended the Korean War still going on since 1953.

2. Stopped the North Koreans from being a Nuclear Power and a threat to the region and
the US, Japan Australia and our Pacific Basin Allies..

3. He will have put China in check militarily and economically.

All the "Politicians" should be required to learn from this Great President, and stop criticizing him for leadership and true diplomatic skills,